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Accelerated Leadership Development Program

If you're an ambitious self-starter with big dreams in the hospitality industry, the Accelerated Leadership Development Program wants you! In this immersive program, you'll learn everything you need to know for a brilliant career in hospitality management. Over twelve months, you'll rotate between a number of positions comprising the entire luxury guest experience, including stewarding, engineering, front desk, accounting, and more. A combination of in-person and online classes, hands-on mentoring, and peer collaboration will teach you the skills Nemacolin's team has acquired over centuries of collective experience.

At the end of the program, qualified candidates will be eligible for a full-time job offer at Nemacolin, with massive growth potential. With housing options, completion bonuses, ongoing professional development, and access to generous benefits and perks, the Accelerated Leadership Development Program is a golden opportunity for anyone who wants to make a big splash in the hospitality business.
  • 12-month leadership training program

  • Hands-on experience rotating through all areas of the luxury guest experience

  • In-person and online classes

  • Real-world industry knowledge

  • Career mentoring and peer networking resources

  • Action plan for entering the industry post-graduation

  • Qualified candidates eligible for a full-time job offer at Nemacolin upon completion

  • Graduation incentive bonus

  • Housing available

“It’s an extension of our home—it is our home. It’s a wonderful way to have families come here and feel part of the extended family, and our associates do such a beautiful job in doing that.”
  • Nemacolin President Maggie Hardy Knox