We have closed for holidays,
reopening January 4, 2021 – magic awaits!

Where Would You Like to Stay?


Woodlands Spa and Salon

You deserve some unadulterated bliss. With forty treatment rooms, a full service salon, and skillful, attentive staff, our diverse range of treatments and services will soothe the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Spa: 9am-7pm daily

  • Lap pool, whirlpool, steam room, sauna areas: 6:30am-7:30pm daily

  • The Salon: 9am-7pm daily

  • Access is exclusively offered to resort guests and club members

  • Your visit includes access to the relaxation lounge, indoor pool, whirlpool, sauna, and locker rooms

  • Private chaise reservations available

  • Amenities include complimentary drinks and light bites

  • Reservations are strongly recommended and a notice of 24 hours is required for any cancellation or adjustment to your appointment(s)

  • Guests must be 14 years of age and older. Those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

interior shot of a spa hot tub. there is soft lighting, lit candles and steam rising from the hot tub
an indoor pool with ice blue water reflecting the light from the floor to ceiling window. There are benches and plants along the side of the pool
dark, warming interiors surround a thin, long dipping pool
interior shot of a waiting room. The colors are warm neutral. There are four plush armchairs surrounding a center table.
a woman getting a spa treatment. she is laying down and having a face mask being applied by a specialist.
close up of a woman getting a spa treatment done. She has a pink mask on her face and a jade roller is moving across her face.
a person getting a spa treatment. They are laying face down and a are having a blue paste being applied to their back and arms.
a woman is emerging from a pool Her hair is slicked back and her arms are extended to the sides. There is warm, sensual lighting in the room.
a person laying on their stomach receiving acupuncture.
a woman laying down on her back facing toward a nozzle that is slowly dripping oil on her forehead. She is wrapped in a white towel.
a woman getting a spa treatment. she is laying down and having a face mask being applied by a specialist.

Spa Treatments

Let us be your wellness guru. Whether you’re seeking ultimate relaxation, rejuvenation, or simply to be pampered to perfection, our talented staff will seamlessly guide you through your wellness journey.

Signature Treatments


Five Elements Journey

Embracing the delicate harmy between the five earth elements — wood, fire, earth, metal, and water — this signature therapy will leave your body feeling relaxed, your soul feeling lighter, and your mind at peace.

Ritual Facial

Feel radiant inside and out with this five-phase, full-body balancing treatment. A ceremonial herbal smudging opens the treatment, setting the senses alive for the relaxing back exfoliation and bronze Kansa-wand massage. An enzyme facial preps the skin for a gemstone-infused gold mask to firm and restore suppleness and a scalp massage concludes the treatment.

Dream Catcher

Welcome to a whole new you. Release and relax with this transformative massage that combines the wisdom of Native American therapies with the sacred principles of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage

Chocolate Indulgence Massage

Relaxation never seemed so sweet. Revitalize with a full-body massage using marshmallow shea butter, an antioxidant chocolate mask, and a sweet cream exfoliation.

Zero Gravity Manicure and Pedicure

Experience our Indulgent Pedicure and O2 Manicure in one of our zero gravity lounge chairs, tucked away in your own private area. Beauty never looked so effortless.

two plush chairs with a foot bath at the foot of each chair.
the interior shot of a beauty salon. there are plush black leather chairs in front of mirrors and nail painting tables. There are windows with a view of nature


Make time for some “me time.” Finish your visit with some glamour at The Salon.