Where Would You Like to Stay?

a house is perched on the lake's edge and is surrounded by forests and the golf course. There is a rainbow across the sky


an interior shot of the full kitchen in the townhomes. The tiling is a geometric black and white print. There is a sink, a full fridge, an over and stovetop. There is ample counter and storage space.

Like being at home, but so much more. Discover the endless possibilities of Nemacolin while enjoying the seclusion of your own spacious residence and curate the perfect escape for your family and friends. Welcome home.

parents with their young son are slurping on spaghetti noodles and smiling

Something for Everyone

Savor every bite from Nemacolin’s wide array of dining venues. Stock up for your stay at The Pantry or treat your group to a one-of-a-kind dining experience at Lautrec; indulge at Rockwell’s or enjoy elevated home dining from a private chef — at Nemacolin we invite you to taste it all.

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