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Create Your Own Wellness at Nemacolin's Healing Arts Retreat

Jacquelin Danielle, RDN, CSCS

Experience the healing power of fresh air, wide-open spaces, nature hikes, yoga, and so much more at Nemacolin’s upcoming Healing Arts Retreats in June, July, and August. Come to one, or make it a summer of well-being. Wellness awaits!

Get inspired and feel renewed with guided breathwork, relaxing meditation, movement, poetry, music, and even a bit of painting. You’ll leave with profound memories, greater self-awareness, a sense of personal wellness, and the possibility that the spirit of a yoga guru just might live within you.

The retreat workshops and guided sessions will be led by certified specialist and author of Evolve Healthy, Jacquelin Danielle, RDN, CSCS. She is a wellness expert, registered dietician, strength coach, and acclaimed speaker.

Over four peaceful days in the natural beauty of Nemacolin’s 2,200 mountain acres, you’ll find inner strength through the healing arts, and you’ll leave the retreat with a deep sense of self-discovery. Through a distinctive combination of art-therapy experiences, you’ll disconnect from your routine, enjoy the present moment, and [there’s a really good chance you’ll] find bliss and a sense of well-being.

Healing art is medicine for the soul, and this event is a prescription for deep growth. The healing arts are creative practices and inspiration that bring about mental, physical, and spiritual healing through wellness, movement, music, and heart-centered personal change. Facilitator Jacquelin Danielle says, “Wellness practices re-pattern our brain and nervous system. This outcome liberates us to thrive, not just survive! Doing so allows us to live out our life’s highest mission and purpose.”

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The Transformative Power of Art as Therapy

We had the opportunity to ask Jacquelin Danielle what she was most looking forward to with the various sessions at the Healing Arts Retreats, and she shared some of her personal favorites that will help restore inner balance and build resiliency to the challenges found in daily life.

Here’s what she wants participants to know:

“Every session on the itinerary makes me giddy thinking about facilitating them! It’s an honor to be an empathetic witness as others connect to their heart.

“With Chocolate, Wine, and Yoga, there will be lots of laughs with easy poses that are very beginner-appropriate. In the session with Healing Sound Therapy, we’ll immerse ourselves in incredible vibes, and I’ll share the lead with Laura, a fellow healing practitioner at Nemacolin’s Holistic Healing Center. Yoga Nidra is super peaceful — just lie down and receive the glory. We’ll have a session hiking at Ohiopyle State Park, and the invitation to meditate on the rocks will be such a refreshing experience!

Poetry and Yoga will deliver all the feels with beautiful, inspiring words read by poets, while we are stirred by cathartic music. The yoga in this class will be easy and basic yin-style or vinyasa-style practice. Meditations for Inspiration will provide you space to get still long enough to hear some answers to your burning internal questions. We all need this.

“One of the most-adored experiences that I get to bring to Nemacolin is Somatic Release Breathwork! SBW is a powerful and often profound experience for those who are willing to get curious about what may be holding them back from the fullness of life. It is an opportunity to release stress and [perhaps] even trauma. There are times we find ourselves unhappy and we don’t even know why. You might not remember it, but your nervous system does. That’s an example of suppressed energy. This healing modality doesn’t require us to talk it out; it invites us to clear it out using the breath.

“We’ll close with Painting and Yoga, and there is no wrong way to do this as we wrap up the retreat with a personal expression of discovery through an uplifting session of yoga, music, and painting with professional artist Claire Hardy.”

Wellness Like You’ve Never Imagined

Nemacolin’s Healing Arts Retreat presents a unique opportunity to broaden your horizons and tap into the tremendous healing power of artistic expression at a wellness retreat. For more information, see the schedule, then select your dates, and reserve your overnight stay, retreat, and experiences by contacting a resort reservations specialist.